Professional “at home” Teeth Whitening with custom whitening trays from Kaysville Dental !!

Here at Kaysville Dental, we want all our patients to look and feel the very best about their teeth and smile, That's why we offer to all our patients low cost teeth whitening! The best part is that we don’t offer “cheap, one size fits all” whitening, but professional whitening with custom fit whitening trays and gel for $49. Other offices charge $150-$300 for this service. 

The Process

Step 1

Get a dental examination at Kaysville Dental and then complete the recommended treatment to get your teeth cleaned. (Clean teeth whiten better and faster!) For most people, this is just a regular “cleaning” or “prophy” in the absence of gum disease. Patients with gum disease will need to get the recommended treatment for their gum disease condition prior to whitening their teeth.

Step 2

Have impressions or “molds” of your teeth made.

Step 3

Return a few days later to try in your new Teeth Whitening trays, receive the whitening gel and instructions

Step 4

Wear the trays daily for 30 minutes, get white teeth in 7-14 days!

Custom teeth whitening trays

Upper custom whitening tray in place

Custom teeth whitening trays Upper custom whitening tray in place

Because our whitening gel is so strong, you must be at least 14 years old and have no remaining baby teeth. Whitening should be done after orthodontic treatment or major dental treatment is complete or the trays will no longer fit. Lost trays and additional sets are available for $49.